May 2009 – an office building as a large, permanent exhibition

The themes of the paintings are conveyed through a fine development of the internal rhythm, attaining an ensemble with a unique subject with events and ends. 
An internal geometry of the sumptuous forms, color and shapes, and the rhythm between them are meant to redefine the space and reiterate the idea of openness through a colorful dialogue. The paintings, talking to each other, are telling their story, as a spiral, where each curve is a new beginning.

The entire collection thus gathered reaches a general rhythmical flow throughout all paintings resulting in a fully-bodied geometry that becomes an integral part with the exhibiting space.
In more quiet moments, the artist filled the silence with subtle dialogues in the form of diptychs and triptychs, accompanying the soul through a rare journey in the new circles of the spiral … a never-ending story that had to be told, and a calm chat the man would engage in with the universe.